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World Health Organisation told to back vaping by health experts

At a summit in London on the 7th December to examine worldwide vaping legislation, the World Health Organisation's reputation took yet another knock. 

Professor Robert Beaglehole gave the keynote lecture at the E-cigarette Summit backing the use of vapes and other nicotine replacement. The keynote speaker is a professor of public health at the University of Auckland and was previously the director of the World Health Organisation's Department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion.

Beaglehole tried to stress the importance of having options for nicotine replacement in order to help people quit smoking as the facts prove that without this people's lives are at risk of further, as smoking causes 8 million deaths per year. Without the relevant nicotine replacement choices worldwide the proof has shown that countries that have banned replacements actually have higher smoking rates and subsequently more smoking related deaths.

He stated that saving millions of smokers' lives through a "smoke-free world" is contingent on the availability of safer alternatives to smoking, such as vapes, rather than The World Health Organisation goal of a nicotine-free world which is proven to not work.

We of course agree with Beaglehole, it’s so important that the whole world has the options of a smoke free life, with replacements such as our Riot Salts range. Our Riot Salt range is made from innovative hybrid nicotine, giving the closest sensation to a cigarette but 95% less harmful according to Public Health England.*


E-Cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review

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