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What does e-cigarette stand for?

You already know that cigarette smoking is bad for you. No matter how much you try to ignore the facts, the disturbing images and no-nonsense warnings on every packet you buy in the UK bring it to your attention on a daily basis. Although it's probably true that do recognise that each time you light up you're endangering your own health and the health of all others around you, it can be difficult to quit. If you're wondering what an e cigarette actually is, and how it can help you quit smoking this post offers all the answers.

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What does e-cigarette stand for?
E-cigarettes are devices, and can look like cigarettes, pens, or cigars. It's the nicotine in cigarettes that causes your addiction, and using an e-cig means you can inhale nicotine safely in the form of vapour. The tobacco in cigarettes contain the chemicals which are most harmful to you and others. There isn't any tobacco at all in the vape liquid used in e-cigs. This cuts the risk of damage to yourself and others.
How do e-cigs work?
All kinds of e-cigarettes contain electronic batteries which heat up the e liquids inside them. There are lots of different vape flavours on the market, so you'll find vaping can be relaxing and fun. Take time to discover the best vape flavours to suit you, and learn just how happy you can be without constantly craving fags. There are loads of different vape flavours, and if you smoke menthol cigarettes it's a good idea to switch to vaping before the ban in May 2020.
Menthol cigarettes to be banned in UK from 20 May 2020
All brands of menthol cigarettes will be banned in the UK and European Union from May 2020. This includes the click on, click and roll, capsule and dual menthol cigarette brands. Menthol vape liquids will still be available, and you'll discover their minty blast is refreshing... and safe!
Start making the switch over to vaping from today. You'll probably find menthol flavours will be your best e liquid to start with, but once you're a committed vaper the world of intense flavours will open up!
Where can I find a vape shop near me?
You're sure to find vape shops on your local high streets and in various UK locations, but one of the most affordable ways to vape is shopping online. Discounted e-cigs, regular offers on different vape flavours, and sales prices for bulk orders make shopping for your e liquids online a breeze. Riot Vapes is regularly in the news and has won several national and international awards for our superb vape flavours and service. Why not cut out the middlemen altogether and experience the pleasures of the best e liquid UK consumers can buy today? Find your nearest vape shop using our store locator.
Riot Vapes: For the best e cig liquid, UK
We're truly proud of the high reputation we've already developed in the e-cig and vape world. Check out the variety of unique vape flavours offered at RIOT VAPE today. Our outstanding, all-day bakery vape flavours are the perfect relaxing and sweet option for casual vaping. Our RiotSquad Menthol Molotov will be ideal if you need to quit smoking when menthol cigs are banned. And, you should also check out our entire line up of prize-winning vape flavours, including Pink Grenade, Cream Leaf or Raspberry Grenade.
Check out our website to find out all the reasons Riot Vapes is the best solution for quitting smoking!
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