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What does vaping do to your teeth?

For many people, the biggest factor in the decision to quit smoking is the effect that it has on their teeth. Whether it’s an aesthetic problem like persistent staining or a health issue like tooth decay or gum disease, it’s never too late to try to quit and make the transition to vaping. We all know that smoking is pretty bad for your teeth, but what effect does vaping have on your pearly whites? 

Bacteria won’t have free reign over your mouth

One of the worst ways the teeth are affected by smoking is that it almost completely shuts down your mouth’s ability to protect from infection. 

This is due to the combination of tar and nicotine in cigarettes, as they interfere with the normal function of gum tissue cells. This interference both makes smokers more susceptible to infection and impairs blood flow to the gums, which has a negative effect on the healing of wounds. 

Smoking can even cause you to lose your teeth. The bacteria in a smoker’s mouth promotes gum disease to progress way faster than a non-smoker's, which is the leading cause in tooth loss among adults.

This is where vaping differs from smoking. As an e-cigarette produces no tar, and only has as much nicotine as you want, vaping does not produce any particulate matter, and thus is far less likely to allow for the production of bacteria in your mouth

None of the primary ingredients associated with vaping have been proven to place you in the risk of either bacteria or mould, so the risk of gum disease is far less likely.


Tooth staining?

Ugly, stained teeth are one of the most unpopular aesthetic problems smokers have to put up with. We don’t have to tell you that no one wants to be known for having nasty, dirty-looking teeth.

Smoking stains and discolours your teeth due to the mix of tar and nicotine found in cigarettes. It doesn’t take long for smoking to turn your teeth from a healthy white to an unattractive, stained yellow. Prolonged smoking even causes teeth to turn varying ugly shades of brown. 

With vaping, however, you won’t have this problem. A total absence of tar and a limited percentage of nicotine - as low as 0.0% in our Riot Squad vape liquid collection - mean you will be at far less risk of losing the dazzle in your gnashers.


No issues with circulation

The cesspool of bacteria that forms in a smoker’s mouth can also stop the flow of blood and prevent oxygen from entering your mouth efficiently. This has a problematic effect as it wears the enamel on your teeth away which severely damages them and can lead to further problems.

As there’s no tobacco in an e-cigarette, you don't have to worry about this happening to you as a vaper. As you can choose to vape with a far lower percentage of nicotine than in a cigarette, your teeth wouldn’t be taking anywhere close to as much damage as a smoker’s.

So there you have it - if you want gum disease, stained teeth and a mouthful of bacteria, stick to traditional cigs. But if you want a healthier mouth and a whiter smile - and we reckon you just might - make the switch to an e-cigarette today. Check out our store locator to find the nearest shop you can get your hands on Riot Squad’s insane range of vape flavours, and take a peek at our blog if you need any more convincing that vaping is the way forward for you.

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