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What are the best vape flavours?

Over the past few years, the variety of vape flavours has increased. But this is an understatement. Whereas ten years ago the vape scene was little more than a sparse grassland dotted with fruity flavours, the ecosystem has now broadened dramatically. You can get almost any flavour imaginable, and it won’t be long before even your grandmother’s furniture polish becomes a purchasable brand of vape juice.
With so many flavours on offer, we are then faced with the burden ‘overchoice’. I know, first-world problems, right? Well no, because overchoice is a real issue. Picture yourself browsing Netflix for hours and hours before bed, getting ready to purchase a movie. In the end, you sigh heavily, decide to shrug off the effort, and go to bed early. The same burden of overchoice faces us everywhere from supermarkets to online dating applications, and even now in the realm of vape and e-cig liquids.
How do we solve this problem? We remember that human beings are apes with limited intelligence, and we narrow down the range of choice into categories: Fruity, Sweet, Savoury, Tobacco, and Minty/Menthol.
This is the classic vape category. Raspberry has that sweet high that hits you with that tingly, cotton candy-style aftertaste. For something more mellow, try blueberry or banana. Mango has become more popular recently, though some say the aftertaste lingers too long. The most flavours that are most consistently highly-rated are strawberry and watermelon, often in combination.
If you like gummy bears, or penny sweets, or anything by Haribo (or even chocolate fudge sundae), then this category is for you. These sweet vape flavours range from the pocket-money pioneers like Drumstick lollipops and fizzy cola bottles, to older sweetie-jar classics like rhubarb and custard. The most popular choice is rocket lolly flavour – to infinity, and beyond!
This category is more for novelty than taste. You can get flavours ranging from roast chicken to black pepper, and even crab leg if you’re a sea-foodie. Bacon is a flavour too good to ignore (as you would expect – can bacon make anything worse?). However, even flavours such as tuna and cheese are supposedly nicer than you would expect. We have a great sweet tea flavoured vape juice, perfect for those craving a more savoury taste. 
You would think this would be a rather simple category. However, it turns out to be as broad and diverse as the Fruits and Sweets categories. First off, you need to consider whether you want tobacco salts (directly from tobacco leaves), or free-base. Tobacco salt vape juice is richer and more full-bodied. You can then decide whether to go for caramel-infused tobacco, or whether you’d prefer it honey-roasted, or blended together with milk and vanilla extracts. The most highly-rated vape flavours typically have the words ‘Gold’, ‘Sahara’, or ‘American’ in the names, since these indicate richer extracts.
The best thing about e-cig and vape liquids is that whereas tobacco smoke can leave you smelling like a beer-garden ashtray, vaping can keep your breath fresh. Spearmint is the winner of the category for taste, though peppermint is better for counteracting that garlic-mayo baguette you had at lunchtime. For extra-fresh breath, any e-liquid with ‘Polar’ in the title should set you straight. As for menthol, this is very easy on the throat, which is often why it tends to be a ‘gateway puff’ for budding smokers. If you’re looking for the stimulation of higher nicotine content, without the harshness, go menthol.


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