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Health Secretary says smoking makes the impact of a coronavirus worse

Coronavirus is now classified as a global pandemic, and governments and companies are taking unprecedented steps to slow the spread of the illness. Most recently, the UK Health secretary came forward to highlight the “abundantly clear” evidence that the risks associated with Coronavirus were more significant among smokers.
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Why does Coronavirus affect smokers?
The virus, also known as COVID-19, affects the respiratory system - which is weaker if you are a regular smoker. The UK government has said that vulnerable populations, including people with severe respiratory conditions should stay at home at all times and avoid face-to-face interaction for a period of at least 12 weeks. As a smoker, your respiratory system isn’t as strong as non-smokers, and so contracting the virus could lead to health complications, putting more strain on the NHS. 
What can smokers do?
In the words of the Chief Medical Officer from the Health Select Committee; “If you are going to give up smoking, this is a very good moment to do it.” This has led to a nationwide drive to #QuitforCovid. 
If you’ve tried quitting smoking before, you know how difficult it can be, but with so many new e cigarettes on the market you can find something to satisfy the craving without turning to the real thing! 
What are e cigarettes?
E cigarettes - or vapes - are electronic devices that vaporise e-liquids that include nicotine, helping to satisfy your nicotine cravings without having to resort to the harmful smoke of cigarettes. Public Health England advises smokers to switch to e cigarettes, as it has a smaller impact on the respiratory system than traditional cigarettes. 
This e-liquid - also known as vape liquid - in e cigarettes comes in a huge variety of different flavours. If you have a taste for menthol cigarettes, and are worried about the ban on these flavoured fags in May 2020, then you can easily find a minty vape liquid for that fresh feeling. If you’re looking for some of the best vape flavours, at Riot Squad we have a wide selection of e-liquids, from classics like fresh leaf tobacco flavour to our wilder concoctions like pure frozen açai, but if you’re new to quitting and are missing the throat hit of a cigarette, we’ve got the perfect e-liquid for you. 
Riot S:ALT e-liquid
Our Riot S:ALT is one of the best e liquids on the market for people turning to vaping as an alternative, especially during these unprecedented times of coronavirus. 
Our S:ALT range made from hybrid nicotine. That means we’ve used a unique and innovative blend of nicotine freebase and nicotine salts, giving you the nicotine hit and the throat hit of a real cigarette without the smoke! Rather than just focusing on the nicotine cravings, our S:ALT e-liquid focuses on the feel of smoking as well, making the transition to e cigarettes even easier. 
How we’re keeping our staff - and you - safe
We’re taking the coronavirus outbreak very seriously and we want to make sure everybody can access their vape liquid safely and quickly. All our staff are using hand sanitiser frequently, and wearing gloves, face masks, hair nets and shoe covers in our production facilities, along with many other new coronavirus policies. 
To keep everybody safe, this is a great time to start making the transition from smoking to e cigarettes, and here are Riot Squad we are with you every step of the way. Browse our vape liquid collection to find something that is right for you.
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