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Riot Squad’s Christmas Contribution for Ipswich Night Shelter

Holidays bring cheer and gratitude to everyone’s life. For most of us, it’s the time to celebrate with our loved ones surrounded by warmth and hope.

The situation of the homeless worsens in the cold winter months (November to March).

Despite severe circumstances, homeless people are willing to work on themselves and give up bad habits like smoking. All they need is a little encouragement to stay put on their recovering journey. Here’s a little effort from our side to bring a positive change into the lives of the less fortunate. 

Coming Together to Transform the Lives of Homeless People

The Selig (Suffolk) Trust runs the Ipswich Night Shelter that provides shelter for homeless individuals during the winter months (between November and February/March). They provide all the residents with a bedroom to sleep comfortably, toiletries to promote hygiene, home-cooked meals, hot and cold beverages - all to make them feel at home. 

As of recently, the charity has introduced a ‘vaping room’ inside its premises for residents to use during quiet hours and bad weather. With the effective use of vape pods, the residents will be able to control and reduce nicotine intake without significant withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, the new space is intended to not only make them feel comfortable but also as an incentive for building smoke-free habits. 

The evidence so far indicates that vaping products are less harmful than smoking. They don’t involve combustion or contain tobacco, and research shows they can help you quit cigarettes with some of the highest success rates around!

The shelter approached the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), to support harm reduction among its residents by donating e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Being a UKVIA member, Riot Squad came forward to avail of this request. 

Riot Squad has donated 100 bottles with Caliburn pods to encourage the shelter’s residents to quit smoking and manage their nicotine dependency with a less harmful alternative.

They believe that regardless of social status and opportunities, everyone should have access to vaping facilities to help them recover from nicotine addiction.

Harm reduction from smoking should touch all parts of society, and we're committed to helping people quit smoking no matter their circumstances. Ipswich Night Shelter does amazing work supporting those less fortunate, and as a UKVIA member, we're proud to be able to offer our support to their residents.” - Ben Johnson, Riot Squad Founder

The comfort of vape rooms and Caliburn pods will help the shelter residents to transition to less harmful alternatives to smoking. With ample support, we hope that the residents of the Ipswich Night Shelter will feel empowered to get on the right track. Many residents are already seeing the benefits of this opportunity.

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