The US Federal Government has found that since the banning of flavoured vaping products many people have been switching back to harmful cigarettes. 

Altria Group LTD, is one of the worlds largest producers of Tobacco and E-cigarettes, they have found since the withdrawal of fruit and mint flavours from the market there has been a sudden surge in cigarette sales instead of their e-cigarette options. Public Health Officials removed these flavours as they believed the sweet flavours were most popular with underage people however they have found that vapers aged older than 50 have made the decision to switch back to tobacco. 

We believe all people should have the choice to quit smoking successfully with a vape as a replacement and actively support this cause. We recently donated AUD$10,000 to “Legalise Vaping Australia” as currently vaping nicotine is illegal there. Their mission is to help people to quit smoking completely, and for those who are unable to quit, to be able to attain smoke-free products for better health and improved life.

This really proves the need for e-liquid flavour options like our hybrid nicotine Riot S:ALT range all around the world.  

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