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Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

Alongside the many, many major health problems associated with smoking, the habit also comes at a serious detriment to the wellbeing of your bank account. Year on year, more legislation is passed to prevent people from smoking, which leads to it becoming more and more expensive. Compared to smoking, vaping seems reasonably cheap at first glance, but is really the case? We’ve done some digging and this is what we’ve found.

Packs and packs and packs

It’s relatively straightforward to work out the cost of a smoking habit in 2020. The average cost of a pack of 20 cigs in the UK is £11.12, so for smokers who get through a pack a day, we just need to multiply that figure by 366 (it’s a leap year, we checked) and you’ve got your total annual spend - a mammoth £4069.92! 
And this is just the cost of cigarettes alone. When you factor in the additional costs of maintaining a smoking habit, such as buying lighters, the cost rises that little bit more.

The cost of your health

It’s no secret that smoking tobacco has serious ramifications for your health. The nicotine and tar that are rife in each cig you smoke can cause all kinds of problems with your oral hygiene, not to mention the effect that inhaling tobacco smoke has on your lungs.
Ranging from aesthetic problems such as tooth staining, to much more serious health issues such as gum disease and even tooth loss, smoking can put your mouth in a really bad way. The mounting dentistry costs as a result of smoking can be eye-watering. Even on the NHS, dental implants carry a treatment cost of £269.30 in England, and the costs of private dentistry can range beyond the thousands!
You should also take into account to account the fact that as a smoker, you are more likely to need to take time off work for the various health problems smoking causes. This can come as a serious hit to your income and could even result in a loss of work. 
You wouldn’t experience nearly the same issues as a vaper. As e-cigarettes contain none of the tar and, depending on preference, a fraction of the level of nicotine of a traditional cigarette, you’re at far less risk of developing severe oral health problems than a smoker. This means fewer emergency dentist visits, far less time off work and better job security.

The price of cleaning

Anyone who’s spent time around a smoker knows how difficult it is to get that smell out. It clings to your clothes and you can bet it’s getting into their furniture and their car to name a few places. You don’t want to be out and about reeking of smoke all day, so you’re going to have to wash your clothes and clean your furniture that much more than non-smokers do. The extra costs of cleaning products and laundry detergent can’t be underestimated - not to mention all the air fresheners for your car!

Vaping costs

This all brings us to the crux of the argument - is vaping cheaper? Let’s do some maths. Firstly you’re going to need your e-cigarette, which usually averages out at around £25. You’re also going to need a tank in which to store your vape juice, so that’s another £20.
Then, of course, you’ll need your e-liquid. Typically a 50ml bottle lasts anywhere between 5-10 weeks depending on how often you use it so let’s say you’re getting through ten of our Riot Squad 0MG shortfills in a year - that’s another £129.90.
Then also accounting for coil replacements - roughly once per two weeks - that’s about £65.94 for the year, and let’s throw in a spare battery for another £10 just to round out your set.
That’s a grand total of £250.84 - That’s over 16 times cheaper than a regular smoking habit, not to mention all the money you’d be saving on health and cleaning costs.
Ready to make the switch? We thought you might be. Check out our store locator to find the nearest shop you can get your hands on Riot Squad’s insane range of vape flavours, and take a peek at our blog if you need any more convincing that vaping is the way forward for you.
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