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How to pick the right vape flavour

How to pick the right vape flavour

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There’s no denying that there’s a serious amount of choice when it comes to vaping flavours.
So, just how do you pick the right vape flavour for you and where do you even start? Don’t let the massive amount of choice overwhelm you. Check out our top tips for choosing a vape flavour below.

What’s your lifestyle?

The best starting point is to consider your lifestyle – the best e-liquid should enhance both your look and style whilst also saying something about who you are.
If you’re an ex-smoker and a vaping newbie, you’re going to want to stick with something familiar tasting – at first, anyway! Taste-wise, a tobacco or menthol flavoured vape liquid is a very good place to start. From there, the world really is your oyster. Got a sweet tooth? Chocolate or candy vape flavours might be a good direction to head in for you. Some of the best vape juice UK includes fruit-based flavours, strawberry, blackcurrant, apple, cherry, melon, banana etc. Drink-flavoured vape juice is another area of vast choice: coffee, cola, and even cocktails!
And don’t be afraid to try something new. There are new flavours coming to the market all the time, so there’s really no excuse to get stuck in a flavour rut. What you might want to seriously think about though is the shelf-life of the vape juice. It’s a good idea to have only a few opened juices at a time to make sure the flavour stays at its best and you get to enjoy it to its fullest potential.
Looking for more flavour ideas? Check out our products to find the perfect flavour for you. 

What’s your hardware?

E-cig liquid UK vapers can access is going to be either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) based. PG has a strong throat action and is the vape juice that is best for ex-smokers transitioning to vaping for that reason. PG also works best with MTL (mouth to lung) e-cigs for the same reason.
Those that prefer a smoother, more intense vape are going to want to plump for a VG based e-liquid. These work better with the sub-ohm type e-cig. It is so important to to ensure you pick the right vape juice for your e-cig. 

What’s your nicotine level?

You can also customise your preferred nicotine level for your vaping juice from very low to very high. Choosing the perfect nicotine level can be tough. 
Again, ex-smokers may want to start with a higher level of nicotine in their e-cig juice to make for a smooth transition from smoking to vaping, later choosing to lower this if they so wish. Again, don’t be afraid to try different strengths to gain maximum vaping enjoyment. If you find that a lower strength vape juice just isn’t cutting it for you, simply go back up to a higher strength juice.

What’s your shopping style?

These days, there’s a vape shop on every corner and on every High Street, but in the current climate, you might be wondering, “Is the vape shop near me even open?”. 
Even if your local vape shop is open, those that are new to vaping might prefer online shopping at first, whilst they get familiar with their e-liquid UK options.
With Riot Vapes, you can do both – check out our online store if you prefer internet shopping or use our handy store locator to find the closest Riot Vapes store to you and get the best vape juice UK-wide now!
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