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How to change your vape juice in an e-cig

The ability to switch vape flavours is one of the most impressive features of the world of e-cigarette vaping. You're not tied down to just one e liquid, but can explore a huge range of exciting vape liquid flavours. Vaping is not only more relaxing than smoking, it really does open up an entirely different way of experiencing life. And, trying out all the different tasting e liquids helps you discover the best vape flavours to suit every mood.


Coffee and Vape

You may be wondering whether you're going to need loads of vapes to cope with the taste sensations of all these different vape flavours? But, don't worry you can easily switch to different juices and vape flavours with your existing e cig, just so long as you follow a couple of simple procedures. Ways to switch vape juice are discussed below:

Easy way to change vape juice in your e-cig

You probably already know the easiest way to switch over vape juice is by simply using up all the e liquid in the vape tank? Of course, if you're switching over to a new flavour, you will experience a mash up of the two juices for the first couple of puffs but stick with it and you'll soon experience the full hit and taste of the new e liquid.

Vape juices have different formulations, with some a lot thicker than others. This can make switching suppliers a bit hit and miss. Additionally, if you switch to a flavour you're not keen on and can't bear the thought of vaping it down, you will have to empty the tank altogether. We'll go into that in more detail below!

It could be important to think about investing in at least one more cigarette once you've discovered your favourite vape flavours. This does make it easier to switch juices and will ensure you've always got a charged up e cig! What's more, if you do hit a bad juice and need to switch out the tank, you'll be able to puff on one of your favourite tasting e liquids while you're cleaning your e cig.

For example, you might want to think about using different e cigs for berry and fruit flavours, or perhaps keep a separate e cigarette just for menthol and minty tasting juices? It's your decision, but as a confirmed vaper you already know just how much you're saving by quitting the smoking habit. So, why not invest a bit of cash to improve your vape experience and take it to a new level altogether?

Cleaning out your e cig when you hit a bad vape flavour

Next time you hit a weird tasting e liquid, don't waste your time trying to finish off the tank, simply clean out your e cig and switch to one of your favourite juices.

One reason for weird tasting e liquids could be a faulty coil, so if you still get a nasty taste with your favourite juice you'll need to replace the coil. If you simply need to switch the existing vape liquid out of the tank follow these simple steps:

1. Unscrew the e liquid tank and pour the remaining juice into a container. There will be some residue left in the tank and you'll want to clean this before adding a new juice.

2. Use warm water to rinse out the tank full. You'll need to keep repeating this step as vape liquids are oily and won't be immediately removed. Then just leave the tank to dry, and wipe it over before screwing it back on your e cig.

3. If e liquid has got inside the coil and wick of your e cig you'll also need to clean them out. You just need to rinse them thoroughly and then leave them to dry on a clean towel. They won't work in your e cig if you switch them back in while wet or damp. Alternatively, simply switch over to a new coil and wick for the best possible vape experience.

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