WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. 18+/21+ only.


How do you use a vape?

Asking how to use a vape is similar to asking how would you drive a car, or shop at the supermarket. There is no set formula, but rather a range of acceptable styles.
There is more to vaping than meets the eye. Whether you are interested in vaping or merely want to pursue vaping for the nicotine high, there are steps you must follow before carving out your own style.
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Check out your local vape shop
A simple search of ‘vape shop near me’ should yield some good results. Why stay local? Because vaping, unlike smoking, is infinitely customisable. Vaping is appealing because you can continually trial new flavours, vape mods, coils, and atomisers. Staying local allows you to seek the best advice from experienced vape suppliers. You will find yourself returning again and again until you’re puffing on only the best Riot Squad e-liquid available.
How to find your vape tolerance?
It is vital that you ask yourself how much experience you have vaping before choosing your vape liquid. And be honest with yourself.
High tolerance would mean that you have smoked or vaped at least 4-5 days a week, and when you do vape/smoke, you make successive full inhalations. You may want an e-liquid in the high range (12-60mg).
Medium (6-12mg) would be anything more than twice a week, and if you have smoked cigarettes in the past, you will likely be at the higher end of this range.
For novices, first of all, nicotine is purely optional. You’re not touring with Guns and Roses. If you do fancy a little stimulation to go with the fruity flavours, start off in the lower range of 0-6mg. From here, you can graduate to higher nicotine concentrations.
How to inhale a vape
Unless you’re a seasoned cigar smoker, you’re probably going to want to inhale. In terms of how to do this, there are two schools of thought:
  • The Mouth-to-Lung school says that you should inhale into your mouth, fill up your mouth with smoke first, and then inhale it into your lungs.
  • Direct Lung advocates say that you should inhale the vapour directly into your lungs, and not bother holding it in your mouth. Why hang out in the lobby when you can go straight to the penthouse?
In truth, there isn’t really a dilemma here, since it depends on the type of vape you use. Different vape mods, coils, and nicotine concentrations will determine your method.
If you have a high-nicotine vape pod, you will be using a high-resistance coil. That will make the vapour feel harsh. In this case, you will want to nurse it in your mouth briefly before inhaling (Mouth-to-Lung).
If your vape is lower in nicotine, or a higher wattage, you’ll be chuffing away like Thomas the Tank Engine with no feelings of discomfort. 
What vape flavour should I pick?
You will need advice from professionals who have sampled the best vape flavours imaginable, from Bubblegum and Grape, through to more exotic rips like Black Pepper, Crab Leg, Red Bull, and Roast Chicken.
One good method for selecting the best vape flavours and e-cigarette liquids is to read our reviews online.  You can then go to your local vape supplier and try before you buy, or order vape juice from us online. 



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