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How do you know when the coil in a Vape needs replacing?

How do you know when the coil in a Vape needs replacing?

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Vaporiser coils need to be changed every one to five weeks, depending on how often you use it. Whether you are a vaping beginner or a regular user, it can be difficult to spot the signs that you need to change your e-cigarette coil. It’s important to keep on top of replacing parts so the vape lasts as long as possible, so we have developed a handy guide of the most common warning signs.

A burning taste

One of the biggest benefits of vaping is the wide range of vape flavours, so one of the easiest ways to spot if your coil needs changing is if you can taste a burnt taste in the back of your throat if you use it. Once you’ve experienced this, it is important to change the coil before you use it again, to avoid damaging other parts.

Strange or lingering tastes

You could have the best vape flavours in the UK, but even the most delicious flavours can become dull or taste funny if your coil is worn down. If your favourite flavours suddenly become bland, it may be the case the coil has become soaked and needs to be changed.
Another tell-tale sign is you can taste a lingering flavour from your previous e-cig liquid – no matter how delicious mixing flavours may be, to get the full experience make sure you keep your vape liquid fresh by regularly updating the coil.

You use it regularly

As mentioned previously, coils need to be regularly replaced – an occasional user should on average need a coil change every two weeks, but if you use your vape multiple times a day, the coil may only last for a few days. It’s worth keeping a few coils around as spares to make sure you never fall short - adding some to your order when you next order your vape liquid or visit your nearest vape shop will mean you never run out.


The last thing you need is a vape leaking in your bag or pocket, but unfortunately, if your coil is burnt out you are at risk of the liquid seeping out. If your vape is leaking, dismantle it, give it a thorough clean and change the coil. You may find that the leaking may be due to another problem, but replacing the coil regularly should stop you having to shell out for a whole new e-cigarette.

Smaller clouds

Another common warning sign is fewer clouds and ‘less production’ from the vape. If you feel like you’re having an unsatisfying experience, change the coil and the issue is very likely going to be resolved.

Funny noises

Gurgling can be common for e-cigarettes, but it is definitely a red flag that your coil has been flooded or is on its way out. If the vape is making a strange noise every time you inhale, replace – if the problem persists even with a fresh part, it may be time to change or upgrade.
Replacing a vape is simple and straightforward, but if you aren’t confident, there are a ton of guides online to walk you through the process. Similarly, every time you change a coil, it's important to prime it before you start using it again. Vaping Daily has a handy beginner's guide. Alternatively, find your local vape shop and there should be plenty of resources to talk you through the steps.
To keep your vape in good condition for as long as possible, it’s important to keep an eye on the warning signs and replacing parts regularly. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will make sure you have the best e-liquid experience possible.
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