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Happy 3rd Birthday to us! The Vaper Expo, Birmingham.

Date: 25th October - 27th October 

Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

It was our Birthday this weekend, 3 incredible years since our Riot Squad launch in 2016 so we went back to where it all started...The Vaper Expo Birmingham.
To celebrate we wanted to give everyone else a present instead of us...we gave away over 600 T-shirts, 3500 bottles of our latest hybrid nicotine range RIOT S:ALTS along with 250 Customised Hats and 100 Caliburn Pod Systems!  
It was the usual crazy mix of fun however something that made this expo different to others is the #togetherwearevape campaign where all exhibitors came together to educate and give real insight on the dangers of vaping oils and how mistruths in the media need to be addressed sooner rather than later. You can see a video explaining this on our YouTube Channel:
We want to say thank you to everyone that joined in the fun with us and made this expo one of our most memorable this year, The Vaper Expo Birmingham always holds a huge amount of nostalgia for us being the place where it all started and it's always great to catch up with the other juice and hardware companies so...Thank you Birmingham, see you next year!
To find where to buy this range click here:  https://riotsquadeliquid.com/pages/store-locator 


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